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How does it work?

First we need to listen to your release in order to determine if it’s something we can work with to the formats we target. Send a email of your release: Info@Showcaseking.com. After reviewing your music, we will contact you regarding our recommendations for promotion.

What do I/we need to start?

You’ll need to have a small budget. This can range in number from $1,250 to $5,000+ for regional campaigns to full on national campaign. A bio would help provide some background for stations.

Why would I need promotion?

As unfortunate as it is, radio airplay is not a God-given right even for a great record. Radio stations receive hundreds of emails every month with few of them ever getting opened by the programmers, let alone getting any airplay. We actively solicit radio for airplay and feedback saving you the time and toil. Radio campaigns usually run 3-8 weeks. Feedback from radio is provided to you in detailed weekly reports that are pulled from our website.

What type of stations do you promote to?

We target college radio, AAA, non-commercial and commercial-specialty shows. These radio formats encompass a wide range of musical genres ranging from Hip Hop, R&B, pop, indie rock and electronic dance music. We are adept at taking music of nearly every musical stripe to radio.

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